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“I have never read two books at the same time in my life!” “Since Christ has been my passion and with His help, I’ve been reading more as well as keeping up with with my Bible reading!” When I heard those words of Robert, I was so pleased that he is starting to understand the value and the neccessity of reading. Every pastor’s dream is that the hunger for God’s word and good books would always be a part of the lives of individuals who claim to follow Christ. Robert, as a new believer, has grown and quickly understands that his soul never gets enough of the Word of God or other good books. James Kling, the editor of a newsletter, wants to know what each of his readers been reading and expresses that Ipastors should inform their flock of what they are reading. My oldest son, Joshua, who is attending seminary in Denver, gave me a book entitled: “Latina/o Social Ethics” by Miguel A. De La Torre. This is a book on Eurocentric Moral thinking. Professor De La Torre challenges his readers regarding their Christianity. At this time I’m also re-reading J.I. Packer’s “Knowing God.” This is a classic for all believers. I know a pastor-friend that reads “Knowing God,” every year! Kein De Young, who pastors University Reformed Church in East Lansing Michigan, wrote “The Hole in our Holiness,” two years ago (filling the Gap between his other books- Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness). I can’t wait to share with you from this book in my Sunday preaching of First John. Recently another new Christ follower told me that he has just discovered sermons from deceased men who lived in the 1600’s! DHBC and I have given away many copies of the book “Man in the Mirror.” On Tuesday morning I’ll be using this book in our Men’s Discipleship small group meeting (any man can join). The author of “Man in the Mirror” states that every five years two things change in our lives. Those two things are who our friends are friends and the books that we read. What books are you reading? What books are you re-reading? I hope by the time you read this newsletter I will have started another three sets of books. When you touch lives and develop meaningful relationships your reading of God’s Word and other good books should increase, to the Glory of God!

Dan Gutierrez

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