Oct 2015

~pastor’ pen

Years ago before becoming a Christ Follower, attending church was a good moral decision for me . God drawing me to Himself never entered my mind. However, I knew God was everywhere, but I just didn’t think He was interested in my whole life, just a part of it. The details of my insignificant life didn’t interest Him. He was there for those who really needed His help, the weak people. As long as I was good and not too bad, like my brothers and sisters, things would be all right. I thought as long as my behavior was in check, then I was ok. After all, I was not as bad as the people on television, who appeared on the nightly news. I lived up to the standard of the home I was raised in. But God knew what was best for me. How could I know at the age of nineteen that I had every thing in control? Danny and Linda Verdugo drove me, on Sundays, to hear the Word of God, but actually it was God doing the driving. It was God who did the rescuing and at the right time He saved me from myself – from Him. He called me to Himself. The religion I was raised in was similar to the Baptist Church I started to attend. Their doctrines stated that, 1) Jesus Christ was God’s son and he died for me. 2) God the Holy Ghost/Spirit was there – I’m not sure if I ever heard that the tender Holy Spirit lived inside of anyone 3) The Bible was reserved for certain individuals who could know and understand what it said. The need that I had to know God was created by God. When the calling of God was on me I knew it was Him, because, even in my flesh, I only wanted to please me.
I surrendered my life to Him. The problem that I didn’t understand was that I was God’s enemy. That issue stemmed from the fact that in my flesh I didn’t nor would I ever choose God. I was bent on fulfilling my own agenda, since after all, this was my life. One lesson I learned was that God made us for Himself to honor and Glorify Him. God desiring to be very much part of my life was foreign to me. When we touch lives and build meaningful relationships, God uses us to bring people to Himself.
Dan Gutierrez

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