June 2015 Newsletter

Drexel Heights Church

~the pastor pen

One of the books on prayer in my library was written by a man named Andrew Murray (1828-1917). Rev Murray was a South African writer, teacher and pastor. Murray thought that missions should be one of the most important priorities of the church. He was a champion for the South African Revival of 1860. Two hundred and forty books were authored by him. In his book, “The Prayer-Life / The Inner Chamber and the Deepest Secret of Pentecost.” Rev Andrew Murray, D.D., D.Litt., writes the following in the book’s forward, second paragraph, “It was the outcome of a Conference of ministers at Stellenbosch, South Africa, April 11-14, 1912.” Professor de Vos, of our Theological Seminary, had written a letter to the ministers of our church (the Dutch Reformed Church), concerning the low state of spiritual life which marked the Church generally, which ought to lead the inquiry into how far that statement included our Church, too. What had been said in the book, “The State of Church,” called for a deep searching of heart. He thought there could be no doubt about the truth of the statement in regard to the lack of spiritual power. He writes that sin and unbelief is the cause of the lack of spiritual power, that this condition is one of sin and guilt before God, and that it is nothing less than a direct grieving of God’s tender Holy Spirit. The church then and the church of today struggles in it’s Prayer-Life. In the first five chapters pastor Murray pens, “The Sin, The Cause, The Fight Against, How to be Delivered from and How Deliverance from Powerlessness may continue. In chapter five he says; “If I bow before Him in my Inner Chamber, then I am in contact with the eternal, unchanging power of God.” The problem with most Christ-Followers is we don’t bow, we seldom go into our inner chamber (a place to be alone with God) and have a meeting with the God that is eternal and desires for us to meet with Him. It’s in the Inner Chamber where we talk to Him, where we trust Him and where we wait upon Him. “He has everything… and we have nothing…” The God of Scriptures wants to meet with us on a regular basis. He has the time. We don’t seem to have the time. I confess my sin to you the reader. I lack the urgency and desire for prayer, can you relate? When Christ’s love is under control, then my prayer-life will improve. Murray’s writings are very simple. His language is very easy to understand. Writers with a pastor’s heart, like Murray’s, tend to know their audience. The passion for God’s Word comes through loud and convicting. When you’re touching lives and building meaningful relationships to the glory of God you’re not making time to pray, you’re taking time to pray.
Dan Gutierrez

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