Drexel Heights Church
March 2015

Are you surprised that many claim to be Christ Followers? Political candidates, athletes, actors and even the guy down the street. It is as if it was cool to be a believer. But as we read in the Bible, following Christ brought much suffering and no coolness. American Christianity doesn’t suffer like our brothers and sisters living outside our borders, those in third world countries. Many claim to know Jesus even though there was never any transformation, or a changed life or any fruit. But, because someone told them they were a Christian, they were convinced and satisfied what someone else told them. This is not not what is stated in the scriptures. True believers remain. True believers abide in Christ. True believers are obedient to the scriptures. True believers in Christ stay true to God, they don’t walk away! In John chapter 15 there are two types of branches:

1. The Jesus branch that bears fruit
2. The Judas branch that does not.

The branches that bear fruit are genuine believers. In this context, the focus is upon the 11 faithful disciples, and those who have believed since the first disciples began their ministry. The branches that do not bear fruit are those who profess to believe, but their lack of fruit shows genuine salvation has never taken place and they have no life from the vine. Jesus, no doubt, had Judas in mind. The idea extends from him to all those who make a profession of faith in Christ but do not actually obtain salvation. When the resurrection power is inside of you, you are remaining in Him and bearing much fruit as you touch lives and build relationships to the glory of God!
Dan Gutierrez

2802 West Mossman Road Tucson, AZ 85746

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