Drexel Heights Church

February 2016

~pastor’s pen

In the book of Genesis, where we all begin our new year reading program, Chapter Five, verse 21 states, “Enoch walked with God, and he was not, and God took him.” The Hebrew verb for “walked” is a distinctive form that conveys the sense of an ongoing intimacy with God. Because of this unique relationship, Enoch does not die. Someone asked me; “How is your walk with God?” I know what he was asking, he wanted to know how intimate I was with God. If we’re truly honest with those who are asking questions about our spiritual life/our walk, we should thank them for asking. Then, we should answer the question. The walk with God, through Christ, is not always an easy walk of obedience. When the intimacy is interrupted, it’s not because of Him, it’s because of me/us. He is always willing and ready to continue in our relationship. We’re the ones with the non-intimate excuses. Pastor John MacArthur stated in a sermon, “Wherever the direction that your feet are located is probably where you’re walking/headed.” We’re all walking toward something/someone. As long as we have breath in our God-given lungs, we should keep walking with and towards Him as we’re intimate with Him daily. Walking with Him, because the resurrection has empowered us and robed us in His righteousness, enabling us to touch lives and build meaningful relationships, to the glory of God!
Dan Gutierrez

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