Monthly Archives: February 2015


Drexel Heights Baptist Church

~pastor’s pen

My the years have gone by fast. This month Drexel Heights Baptist will celebrate its 57th year as a church on Mossman Road. While all churches, including ours, experience some of the following issues- disgruntled members, deaths, leaders moving on, disappointed volunteers and declines in giving – it is because of your prayers, your encouragement and your faithfulness that we haven’t given up. We don’t quit!! There is too much at stake as so many have given of their time and resources so that we may proclaim the saving Grace of Jesus! As we celebrate, remember that ultimately the battle is the Lord’s. This year, as in the years past, a few essentials come to mind, as we touch lives and build relationships- The Word of God and lives of people. How we are communicating the importance of God’s Word to the people we know? What are we going to do with the church God has loaned to us? Will you pray with me as we confess our sins of pride and laziness as we realize that we must also participate in the community of faith that we belong to. He has instructed and lead us to participate. We influence those we know by our lives and actions. I hope that we would remain a sweet aroma of the gospel, which Christ died for. As we evaluate our effectiveness, we can’t go back 57 years, but we can evaluate the present. Time is ticking so we mustn’t waste any more time. Every year I ask myself what legacy am I leaving behind? What books should I keep or give away? Am I memorizing new scriptures to share and incorporate in my daily life? What relationships should I pursue in the body of Christ or in the community that I live in? Will I bring those people to Christ, whom we love and serve. I thank God for all of you and sincerely appreciate the spiritual family that God has loaned me.
Dan Gutierrez